Matloff, Norman

Statistical regression and classification: from linear models to machine learning - Boca Raton CRC Press 2017 - xxxviii, 489 p. - Texts in statistical science .

Statistical Regression and Classification: From Linear Models to Machine Learning takes an innovative look at the traditional statistical regression course, presenting a contemporary treatment in line with today's applications and users. The text takes a modern look at regression:
* A thorough treatment of classical linear and generalized linear models, supplemented with introductory material on machine learning methods.
* Since classification is the focus of many contemporary applications, the book covers this topic in detail, especially the multiclass case.
* In view of the voluminous nature of many modern datasets, there is a chapter on Big Data.
* Has special Mathematical and Computational Complements sections at ends of chapters, and exercises are partitioned into Data, Math and Complements problems.
* Instructors can tailor coverage for specific audiences such as majors in Statistics, Computer Science, or Economics.
* More than 75 examples using real data.
The book treats classical regression methods in an innovative, contemporary manner. Though some statistical learning methods are introduced, the primary methodology used is linear and generalized linear parametric models, covering both the Description and Prediction goals of regression methods. The author is just as interested in Description applications of regression, such as measuring the gender wage gap in Silicon Valley, as in forecasting tomorrow's demand for bike rentals. An entire chapter is devoted to measuring such effects, including discussion of Simpson's Paradox, multiple inference, and causation issues. Similarly, there is an entire chapter of parametric model fit, making use of both residual analysis and assessment via nonparametric analysis.


Regression analysis
Vector analysis
Regression - Statistics

519.536 / M2S8

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