Saunders, Rebecca

Business the way: secrets of the world's most astonishing web business - London Capstone Publishing 1999 - ix, 213 p.


The Sam Walton of the web --
Live and breathe e-commerce --
Fill the place with entrepreneurs --
Focus --
Brand the site --
Get and keep customers by offering great value --
Develop unbeathable logistics --
Stay lean --
Practise technoleverage --
Innovation and enlightened adaptation --
Grow with the best.

Having toppled the bookselling giants on-line, Jeff Bezos is now leading its list, not to mention a makeover for the web's most recognisable site, is Amazon pushing its luck or positioning for the future of e-commerce? The so-called 'market
correction' has questioned the future of e-retailing, but for Amazon the future is still bright. Now completely updated for this new edition, Business the Way shows how Jeff Bezos is leading Amazon into the harvesting phase, promising a great ride for investors, a great experience for shoppers and a model for entrepreneurs and business leaders everywhere.


Success & Business
Electronic commerce
Web sites - United States
Booksellers & bookselling
Computer network resources

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