Benjamin, Roth

The great depression: a dairy - New York Public Affairs 2010 - xii, 255 p.

When the stock market crashed in 1929, Benjamin Roth was a young lawyer in Youngstown, Ohio. After he began to grasp the magnitude of what had happened to American economic life, he decided to set down his impressions in his diary.

This collection of those entries reveals another side of the Great Depression—one lived through by ordinary, middle-class Americans, who on a daily basis grappled with a swiftly changing economy coupled with anxiety about the unknown future. Roth's depiction of life in time of widespread foreclosures, a schizophrenic stock market, political unrest and mass unemployment seem to speak directly to readers today.


Roth, Benjamin, 1894-1978 -Diaries
Depressions - 1929 - United States
United States - Economic conditions - 1918-1945
Economic history

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