Engaged anthropology: views from Scandinavia - Proquest ebook Springer International Publishing 2016 - 190 p. - Approaches to Social Inequality and Difference .

Table of Contents

1: Introduction
2: From the War Zone to the Courtroom: The Anthropologist as Witness
3: Engaging Anthropology: An Auto- Ethnographic Approach
4: Doing Research in a Politicized Field and Surviving It: Lessons Learned from the Field of Migration
5: Treading on a Minefield: Anthropology and the Debate on Honor Killings in Sweden
6: Social Anthropology and the Shifting Discourses about Immigrants in Norway
7: Gender and Universal Rights: Dilemmas and Anthropological Engagement
8: Europe and the Pacific: Engaging Anthropology in EU Policy-Making and Development Cooperation
9: Engaging Anthropology in Sudan
Notes on Contributors

In this volume, leading public anthropologists examine paths towards public engagement and discuss their experiences with engaged anthropology in arenas such as the media, international organizations, courtrooms, and halls of government. They discuss topics ranging from migration to cultural understanding, justice, development aid, ethnic conflict, war, and climate change. Through these examples of hands-on experience, the book provides a unique account of challenges faced, opportunities taken, and lessons learned. It illustrates the potential efficacy of an anthropology that engages with critical social and political issues.



Anthropology - Scandinavia.
Immigrants in Norway
Honor Killings in Sweden

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