Handbook of theories of social psychology: Volumes 1 & 2 - London SAGE Publications Ltd 2012 - xx, 568 p. Vol. 1 560 p. Vol. 2

Table of Contents:

Part One: Biological/Evolutionary Level Of Analysis
Part Two: Cognitive Level Of Analysis
Part Three: Motivational/Affective Level Of Analysis
Part Four:Interpersonal Level Of Analysis

The first volume in this innovative two-volume set provides a comprehensive exploration of the major developments of social psychological theories that have taken place over the past half century, culminating in a state of the art overview of the primary theories and models that have been developed in this vast and fascinating field.

Volume One covers Biological/Evolutionary Level of Analysis, Cognitive Level of Analysis, Content Model and Motivational and Affective Level of Analysis.


9780857029607 9780857029614

Social psychology

302 / H2

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