Dickison, Mark E.

Multilayer social networks - New York Cambridge University Press 2016 - ix, 203 p.

Table of Contents:

1 Moving out of Flatland page
2 Representing multilayer social networks
3 Measuring multilayer social networks
4 Data collection and preprocessing
5 Visualizing multilayer networks
6 Community detection
7 Edge patterns
8 Formation of multilayer social networks
9 Information and behavior diffusion
10 Future directions

Multilayer networks, in particular multilayer social networks, where users belong to and interact on different networks at the same time, are an active research area in social network analysis, computer science, and physics. These networks have traditionally been studied within these separate research communities, leading to the development of several independent models and methods to deal with the same set of problems. This book unifies and consolidates existing practical and theoretical knowledge on multilayer networks including data collection and analysis, modeling, and mining of multilayer social network systems, the evolution of interconnected social networks, and dynamic processes such as information spreading.



Social networks - Mathematical models
Social networks - Data processing
Social sciences - Network analysis

302.30285 / D4M8

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