Ingene, Charles A.

Mathematical models of distribution channels - Oxford Springer 2004 - xxv, 568 p. - International Series in Quantitative Marketing (v. 17) .

Table of Contents:

1 A Commentary on Distribution-Channels Modeling
2 The Bilateral-Monopoly Model and Channel Myths
3 Multiple (Exclusive) Retailers
4 Multiple (Exclusive) States-of-Nature
5 Toward a Manufacturer-Optimal Per-Unit Fee: A Channel-Coordinating Quantity-Discount Schedule
6 The Manufacturer-Optimal Two-Part Tariff
7 The Channel-Coordinating Menu
8 Coordination versus Maximization: Theoretical Analyses
9 Coordination versus Maximization: Graphical Analyses

Mathematical Models of Distribution Channels identifies eight "Channel Myths" that characterize almost all analytical research on distribution channels. The authors prove that models that incorporate one or more Channel Myths generate distorted conclusions; they also develop a methodology that will enable researchers to avoid falling under the influence of any Channel Myth.


Marketing channels - Mathematical models
Industries - Retailing
Business - Economics

658.8700151 / I6M2

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