Fink, Arlene

Evidence-based public health practice - Los Angeles Sage Publications 2013 - xxiii, 298 p.

Table of content.

Chapter 1. Public Health Practice and the Best Available Evidence

Chapter 2. Community Health and Health Service Needs and Evidence-Based Programs

Chapter 3. Finding the Best Available Evidence: Questions, Practical Concerns and Ethics

Chapter 4. Research Design, Validity and Best Available Evidence

Chapter 5. Wanted! Valid and Meaningful Data as Proof of Best Available Evidence

Chapter 6. The Best Available Evidence: Quality, Strength, Implementation and Evaluation

This practical book shows how to do evidence-based research in public health. As a great deal of evidence-based practice occurs online, it focuses on how to find, use and interpret online sources of public health information. It also includes examples of community-based participatory research and shows how to link data with community preferences and needs. Each chapter begins with specific learning objectives and concludes with practice exercises geared to the objectives. Each chapter also contains a list of key terms that are an essential part of an evidence-based public health practitioner's vocabulary. The book includes a comprehensive glossary, and hundreds of online and print references, examples, and charts.


Public health
Based medicine

362.1 / F4E9

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