Boje, David M.

Storytelling organizational practices: managing in the quantum age - London Routledge Taylor and Francis Group 2014 - xxx, 361 p.

Table of content

Part I: Introduction to Pragmatic Storytelling
1. What is Organizational Storytelling?
2. A Brief History of American and European Pragmatic Ethics
3. What are the 12 Paths of COPE Pragmatic Storytelling?
4. What is Pragmatic Storytelling in the Quantum Age?
Part II: Pragmatic Storytelling Theory
5. Brief History of Storytelling Theories and Philosophies
6. Materiality Storytelling Rhetorics
7. Quantum Storytelling Hermeneutics
8. Pragmatic Storytelling of Spirituality in Organizations
Part III: Cope Pragmatic Storytelling Praxes
9. Vulgar: "Whatever Works" Storytelling Praxes of Organizations from Elevator Pitch to Storytelling Branding
1 0. Critical: Pragmatic Storytelling: A Critique of Appreciative Inquiry, Elevator Pitch, Stump Speech, and Springboard Praxes
11. Ontological: Storytelling the Unstoryable by Restorying, Storytelling Field Concept, and Ontological Coaching Praxes
12. Post-Positivist: New Experiments in Open Systems Praxis
13. Epistemic: Restorying Knowledge Management and Appreciative Inquiry Storytelling Praxes Part IV: Pragmatic Storytelling Research Methods
14. Critical Pragmatic Storytelling Methodology
15. Ontological Pragmatic Storytelling Methodology
16. Post-positivist Pragmatic Storytelling Methodology
17. Epistemic Pragmatic Storytelling Methodology
18. S5 Research: Putting COPE Storytelling Pragmatic Methods Together with Science, Spirituality, Sustainability, Science, and Spirals of Experimentation
19. Autoethnography Method: Dinner with Zygmunt Bauman
20. Epilogue: Dragons and Quantum Shamanic Storytelling

Once upon a time the practice of storytelling was about collecting interesting stories about the past, and converting them into soundbite pitches. Now it is more about foretelling the ways the future is approaching the present, prompting a re-storying of the past. Storytelling has progressed and is about a diversity of voices, not just one teller of one past; it is how a group or organization of people negotiates the telling of history and the telling of what future is arriving in the present.

With the changes in storytelling practices and theory there is a growing need to look at new and different methodologies. Within this exciting new book, David M. Boje develops new ways to ask questions in interviews and make observations of practice that are about storytelling the future. This, after all, is where management practice concentrates its storytelling, while much of the theory and method work is all about how the past might recur in the future.

Storytelling Organizational Practices takes the reader on a journey: from looking at narratives of past experience through looking at living stories of emergence in the present to looking at how the future is arriving in ways that prompts a re-storying of the past.


Organizational behavior
Organizational change
Organizational sociology

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