Apte, P.G

International financial management - 6th ed. - New Delhi Tata McGraw Hill Education Pvt. Ltd. 2011 - xvii, 708 p.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Financial Management in a Global Context
Chapter 2: Objectives of the Firm and the Impact of Risk
Chapter 3: The Nature and Measurement of Exposure and Risk
Chapter 4: The Balance of Payments
Chapter 5: The International Monetary System
Chapter 6: Global Financial Markets and Interest Rates
Chapter 7: The Foreign Exchange Market
Chapter 8: Forwards, Swaps and Interest Parity
Chapter 9: Currency and Interest Rate Futures
Chapter 10: Currency Options Chapter
11: Exchange Rate Determination and Forecasting
Chapter 12: Corporate Exposure Management Policy
Chapter 13: Hedging, Speculation and Management of Transactions Exposure
Chapter 14: Management of Operating Exposure
Chapter 15: Management of Interest Rate Exposure FRAs, Interest Rate Caps and Floors
Chapter 16: Financial Swaps and Credit Derivatives
Chapter 17: Short-Term Financial Management in a Multinational Corporation
Chapter 18: International Equity Investment
Chapter 19: Long-Term Borrowing in the Global Capital Markets Chapter 20: International Project Appraisal
Chapter 21: Accounting Implications of International Activities
Chapter 22: Tax Implications of International Activities Appendix A?Interest Rate Mathematics Appendix B?Selected ISO Currency Codes,

Tata McGraw-Hill Education Pvt. Ltd, 2011. Softcover. Book Condition: New. 5th or later edition. This new edition extensively updates the chapters dealing with global monetary system and global financial markets as well as chapters dealing with global and Indian foreign exchange markets. It continues to discuss case studies which illustrate substantive practical applications of concepts and techniques discussed in the chapters.



Financial institutions
Foreign exchange
International finance
International business enterprises - Finance

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