Evans, Patrick

Salesburst: world's fastest entrepreneurial sales training - Hoboken John Wiley and Sons 2007 - xxii, 185 p.

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PART I: Secrets
Chapter 1. Secret # 1. Ask a Question When You Are Lost.
Chapter 2. Secret # 2. Prime the Pump.
Chapter 3. Secret # 3. Role-play the 10 Perfect Closing Questions.
Chapter 4. Secret # 4. Call Back the Same Day.
Chapter 5. Secret # 5. Intercept.
Chapter 6. Secret # 6. Land Where You Planned.
Chapter 7. Secret # 7. Water, No Ice.
Chapter 8. Secret # 8. The Blame Game.
Chapter 9. Secret # 9. Give and take.
Chapter 10. Secret # 10. Be a Contrarian.
Chapter 11. Secret # 11. Bet on Yourself.
Chapter 12. Secret # 12. Are Sales Art or Science?
Chapter 13. Secret # 13. Immediate Action After Strategy.
Chapter 14. Secret # 14. Program Your Mind.

PART II: Questioning.
Chapter 15. Answer a Direct Question with a Question.
Chapter 16. The Checklist Close.
Chapter 17. Land Mines.
Chapter 18. Cats, Dogs, or Fish?
Chapter 19. Alternative Ways to Cold Call.
Chapter 20. Selling an Intangible.

PART III: Listening.
Chapter 21. Self-Motivating.
Chapter 22. . How to Calm an Irate Customer.

PART IV: Hiring.
Chapter 23. The Most Efficient Interview.
Chapter 24. Rejection and Impression.
Chapter 25. Initial Reaction versus Fact.

PART V: Organizing.
Chapter 26. 21-Day Challenge.
Chapter 27. Sell Like You Are a Business.
Chapter 28. Start Up Capital?
Chapter 29. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

PART VI: Showing.
Chapter 30. Trade Shows: A Successful Way to Sell From a Booth.
Chapter 31. More Booth Marketing Ideas.

PART VII: Marketing.
Chapter 32. FREe-commerce.
Chapter 33. Lease and Refinance.
Chapter 34. Your Presentations.
Chapter 35. Better Than New.
Chapter 36. Better Than New.
Chapter 37. You versus Goliath.
Chapter 38. Digitize Your Competition and Reposition.

SalesBURST!! Is an entertaining, clever, and out-of-the-box approach to selling. I recommend reading this book to anyone involved in selling today."
Every salesperson wants to get up to speed as fast as they can-but not as fast as their manager wants them to. SalesBURST!! Helps every salesperson shift into fifth gear without skipping first, second, third, or fourth. This makes three people happy: the manager, the salesperson, and the salesperson's banker. This is a great book that shows you how to make more sales, faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Learn from Evans and SalesBURST!! How passion, determination, and an intelligence-based sales effort can make you successful." I have utilized Evans's sales methods to successfully manage my sales accounts, my sales team, and my career for seventeen years. I look forward to using SalesBURST!! To train my salespeople firsthand. SalesBURST!! Is filled with Evans's success stories that will both inspire you and provide helpful hints to help you meet your own quota. Evans completely exceeded my expectations. Not only did his presentation provide tremendous insights on sales, but even greater life lessons.




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