Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) unit level data: 2013-14 (CD) - New Delhi India. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation 2014 - ASI unit level data .


Overview :-
This data and metadata archive has been prepared in conformity with the DDI and other international standards using International Household Survey Network (IHSN) Micro-data Management Toolkit.
How to start with the data-set?
Insert the CD-ROM and the home-page opens up automatically;
Click on Autorunpro.exe or Index.html and the home-page opens up.
Using the navigation frame appearing on the left-hand side, one can navigate through the meta-data or micro-data of one’s interest.
How to export data onto formats like STATA, SPSS, SAS, DBF, ASCII etc…
 Scroll down Dataset appearing on the left of the frame;
 Click on the Data Files to list all the data files under study;
 Click on the hyper-link Click here to access/export data files from Nesstar format to open the file(s) in Nestar Explorer;
 Scroll down the Datasets on the left frame appearing on the Nestar Explorer;
 Click on main menu File  Export All Datasets for exporting all / selected data file(s) in desired format in desired location.
Important Disclaimer:-
This version of data-set has been prepared out of the regular data set (provided separately) produced by the CSO in .txt /.pdf /.doc format. In case of any mismatch in the information furnished or in the tabulated result, the regular dataset may be treated as authentic and the data-provider holds no responsibility otherwise.

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Q1. What is meant by unit-level data?
A1. It is the basic validated data at the ultimate level like establishments or factories or
enterprises. It is also called micro-data or disaggregated data or raw data. Aggregated data or
Reports can be generated by making use of programming tools / statistical packages on this
unit-level data.
Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) covers the units registered under the factory act. Though
predominantly these are manufacturing units, there are also a few non-manufacturing
industries covered under ASI by virtue of them being registered under this Act.


ASI Unit level data


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