Pulizzi, Joe

Epic content marketing: how to tell a different story, break through the clutter, and win more customers by marketing less - New York McGraw-Hill Education 2014 - xviii, 331 p.

Table of contents:

Part I: Content marketing-there and back again.

1. What is content marketing?
2. The history of content marketing
3. Why content marketing?
4. The business model of content marketing
5. The business case for content marketing
6. Tomorrow's media companies

Part II: Defining your content niche and strategy.

7. More right or less right
8. What is epic content marketing?
9. The goal of subscription
10. The audience persona
11. Defining the engagement cycle
12. Defining your content niche
13. The content marketing mission statement

Part III: Managing the content process.

14. Building your editorial calendar
15. Managing the content creation process
16. Content types
17. Finding your content assets
18. Extracting content from employees
19. The content platform
20. The content channel plan in action

Part IV: Marketing your stories.

21. Social media for content marketing
22. Alternative content promotion techniques
23. Leveraging a social influencer model for content marketing

Part V: Making content work.

24. Measuring the impact of your content marketing
25. The evolution of your epic story.

How do you cut through the noise, commotion, and bad information that is right now cluttering up your customers' digital space? This book explains how to attract prospects and customers by creating information and content they actually want to engage with. No longer can we interrupt our customers with mediocre content and sales messages they do not care about. This book takes you step-by-step through the process of developing stories that inform and entertain and compel customers to act - without actually telling them to. Epic content, distributed to the right person at the right time, is the way to truly capture the hearts and minds of customers. It's how to position your business as a trusted expert in its industry. It's what customers share and talk about. Once we hook customers with epic content, they reward us by sending our sales through the roof.



Marketing - Management
Marketing - Social aspects
Social media
Internet marketing
Target marketing

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