Global supply chain quality management: product recalls and their impact - Boca Raton CRC Press 2015 - xiv, 418 p. - Supply Chain Integration Modeling, Optimization, and Applications .

Table of Contents:

Section I Background

1. Introduction; Barbara B.
2. Importance of Product Recalls
3. Consumer Protection in Developing Countries
4. Quality Risk in Global Supply Networks

Section II Dark Side of Product Safety

5. Chinese Toy Recalls
6. Chinese Milk Powder Crisis
7. Ford Pinto Recall
8. Conceptualization of Supply Chain Quality Management

Section III Bright Side of Product Safety: Exemplar Cases

9. Dongfeng-Peugeot-Citroen Automobile Co. Ltd
10. Changan Ford Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd
11. Bright Dairy
12. CHIC Group Global Co., Ltd

Section IV Financial Perspective on Product Recalls

13. Impact of Product Recall Announcements on Shareholder Wealth in China
14. Impact of Toy Product Recalls on Shareholder Wealth in the United States
15. Impact of Recalls on Retailer Shareholder Wealth in the United States

Section V Consumer Perspective on Product Recalls

16. Effectiveness of Recall Strategies on Customer Perceptions
17. Customer Perceptions of a Product Recall: The Role of Panic

Section VI Supply Chain Quality Management and Performance

18. Relationship between Supply Chain Quality Integration and Performance
19. Effect of Supply Chain Integration on Product Quality and Innovation
20. Effect of Supply Chain Quality Management on Performance
21. Concluding Thoughts


While there is substantial research surrounding manufacturing and design-related product hazards, little has been written about supply chain product hazards and how they impact supply chain quality management. Filling this need, Global Supply Chain Quality Management: Product Recalls and Their Impact draws together key insights and research findings from a global research project on product safety and recalls.

The book presents detailed case studies of six extended global supply chains within three industries: toys, food, and pharmaceuticals. These case studies cover U.S. companies with supply chains that extend into China and provide the perspectives of both U.S. and Chinese executives. It includes coverage of several highly publicized product recalls, including Ford Pinto, Extra Strength Tylenol, melamine-tainted milk, Mattel, and Toyota.

Presenting detailed examples of both poor and best practices, the text supplies firsthand accounts from key players in well-known product recalls. It outlines an event study methodology that can help readers determine the true financial impact of a product recall announcement. It also describes how to conduct controlled experiments to determine the effect of various recall strategies on consumers.

The book describes how alternative product recall strategies can influence consumers' perception of your organization's corporate social legitimacy as well as their future purchasing behaviors. Although the text focuses on product quality within the supply chain, it also sheds light on other sources of product hazards—sharing a wide-ranging perspectives and current methodologies.


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Product recall
Product safety
Business logistics
Materials management
Quality control

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