Ferrarello, Susi

Husserl's ethics and practical intentionality - New York Bloomsbury Academic 2015 - 278 p. - Bloomsbury Studies in Continental Philosophy .

Table of Contents:


1.Husserl’s Ethics as an A Priori Science

2.Parallelism and Interlacing in Husserl’s Axiology

3.Norms, Laws and Necessity

4.Living Evidence

5.Practical Intentionality

6.The Body and the Ethical Agent

7.‘The Truth of Will’


9.Social Ethics, Teleology, and Theology




Husserl's 20th-century phenomenological project remains the cornerstone of modern European philosophy. The place of ethics is of importance to the ongoing legacy and study of phenomenology itself.

Husserl's Ethics and Practical Intentionality constitutes one of the major new interventions in this burgeoning field of Husserl scholarship and offers an unrivaled perspective on the question of ethics in Husserl's philosophy through a focus on volumes not yet translated into English.

This book offers a refreshing perspective on stagnating ethical debates that pivot around conceptions of relativism and universalism, shedding light on a phenomenological ethics beyond the common dichotomy.



Husserl, Edmund, 1859-1938
Intentionality - Philosophy
Philosophy - Ethics and moral philosophy
Philosophy - Social

170.92 / F3H8

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