Big data of complex networks - Boca Raton CRC Press 2017 - xii, 319 p. - Chapman and Hall/CRC Big Data Series .

Big Data of Complex Networks presents and explains the methods from the study of big data that can be used in analysing massive structural data sets, including both very large networks and sets of graphs. As well as applying statistical analysis techniques like sampling and bootstrapping in an interdisciplinary manner to produce novel techniques for analyzing massive amounts of data, this book also explores the possibilities offered by the special aspects such as computer memory in investigating large sets of complex networks.

Intended for computer scientists, statisticians and mathematicians interested in the big data and networks, Big Data of Complex Networks is also a valuable tool for researchers in the fields of visualization, data analysis, computer vision and bioinformatics.

Key features:

a. Provides a complete discussion of both the hardware and software used to organize big data

b. Describes a wide range of useful applications for managing big data and resultant data sets

c. Maintains a firm focus on massive data and large networks

d. Unveils innovative techniques to help readers handle big data


Big data
Large scale systems
System analysis

005.74015 / B4

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