Abdul Kalam, A. P. J.

Aao bachcho! avishkarak banen (आओ बच्चो! अविष्कारक बनें) - New Delhi Prabhat Prakashan 2015 - 199 p.

Table of Contents

my point—5
1. Robotics—29
2. Aeronautics—51
3. Pathologist—73
4. Space Scientist—103
5. Neuroscientist—127
6. Material Scientist—158
7. Palaeontologist—183
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The mind of great scientists is always disturbed due to being full of questions. They ask for any reason why this happens? Can I do better than this? Or what could be better? They are full of questions, sometimes they annoy others with their questions. Dear kids, can you guess who was the most popular student of Alexander Graham Bell? She was Helen Keeler, who was blind and deaf as well as a great writer, social worker and poet. Great scientists are highly inspired by even the smallest of incidents. They use failure as a stepping stone to success. Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam urges you to choose your small goal, infuse new energy within yourself and get ready to soar higher. This book inspires the students and youth to do something new so that by innovating and inventing, we can contribute something to improving society.



Science - Vocational guidance
Research - Vocational guidance
Scientists - Interviews

H 507.1 / A2A2

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