Nesamoney, Diaz.

Personalized digital advertising: how data and technology are transforming how we market - Old Tappan Pearson Education, Inc. 2015 - xiv, 223 p.

Table of Content

Foreword x

Acknowledgments xiii

About the Author xv

Part I: Digital Advertising, Continuous Disruption

Chapter 1: The Talking Billboard 1
Chapter 2: Reach vs. Relevance 7
Chapter 3: Digital Disruption: The Proliferation and Personalization of Media 11
Chapter 4: Data in Advertising 17
Chapter 5: The Customer Purchase Journey: Increasing Relevance and Engagement 23
Chapter 6: Targeting vs. Personalization 31
Chapter 7: Native Advertising, Content Marketing, and Personalization 35
Chapter 8: Dynamic Creative Optimization vs. Personalization 39
Chapter 9: Twitter Comes to Display Advertising 43

Part II: Dynamic Advertising Key Concepts

Chapter 10: Data, Events, and Rules 47
Chapter 11: The Role of Programmatic Platforms in Personalized Advertising 63
Chapter 12: Ad Formats 67
Chapter 13: Planning for a Data-Driven Dynamic Advertising Campaign 71
Chapter 14: Measurement, ROI, and Optimization of Personalized Ad Campaigns 81

Part III: Technology for Personalization

Chapter 15: Data-Driven Dynamic Ad Products for Publishers 93
Chapter 16: Developing Big Data for Personalization 99
Chapter 17: Content Development for Personalization 119
Chapter 18: Technology for Developing Data-Driven Advertisements 125
Chapter 19: Conversion Tracking and Attribution 143
Chapter 20: Case Studies 147
Chapter 21: Privacy 169
Chapter 22: The Future 173
Chapter 23: Industry Perspectives 181

Appendix A: Sample Worksheets for Dynamic Ad Campaigns 191

Glossary 207

Index 213

Digital advertising and marketing are undergoing a massive, data-driven transformation: practically everything you thought you knew about them is obsolete. In Personalized Digital Advertising: How Data and Technology Are Transforming How We Market, one of the field's leading entrepreneurs demystifies today's advertising and marketing technologies, and shows non-technical marketers exactly how to leverage them to deliver individually-targeted messages to every customer and prospect. First, Nesamoney explores the current state of digital advertising, reviewing best practices for maximizing personalization through long-familiar data and targeting technologies. Next, he introduces powerful recent innovations, presenting new best practices for deepening and extending personalization with:
• New data management platforms
• Advanced solutions for offline, mobile, and location data
• Powerful new ad production and serving technologies
Nesamoney then previews emerging disruptive technologies and personalization approaches, from social data to new techniques for understanding user intent. He concludes by introducing the Digital Advertising Technology Stack – a visual schematic showing how multiple products and technologies come together to radically improve advertising personalization – and performance.



Internet advertising
Digital media
Consumer behavior
Consumers - Research
Internet marketing
Web personalization

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