Papazoglou, Michael P.

Web services and SOA: principles and technology - 2nd ed. - New Delhi Pearson India Education 2015 - xliv, 812 p.

Table of contents:

PART I Basics
1. Web Service and SOA Fundamentals

PART II Enabling Infrastructure
2. Distributed Computing Infrastructure
3. Brief Overview of XML

PART III Core functionality and standards
4. SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol
5. Describing Web services
6. Registering and Discovering Services

PART IV Event notification and Service Oriented Architectures
7. Service Addressing and Notification
8. Service-Oriented Architectures

PART V Service composition and transactions
9. Service Composition And Business Processes
10. Service Transactions

PART VI SOA security and policies
11. Securing SOA and Web Services
12. Service policies

PART VII Service semantics and business protocols
13. Semantics and Web Services
14. Business Protocols and Standards

PART VIII SOA modeling, design and development
15. SOA-Based Application Modeling
16. SOA Development Lifecycle

PART IX Service Management
17. SOA and Web Service Management

PART X Emerging trends
18. Cloud Computing

Web services allow new and improved ways for enterprise applications to communicate and integrate with each other over the Web and, as such, are having a profound effect on both the worlds of business and of software development.
The new edition of this bestselling book offers a comprehensive and up to date treatment of web services and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), giving you all you need to know to gain a solid foundation in this area. Building upon the clear, accessible approach of the first edition, it provides a complete introduction to the concepts, principles, technology and standards of web services. The book also provides an in depth examination of good design and development practises for SOA applications in organisations.


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Computer network architectures
Web services
Service-oriented architecture (Computer science)

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