Prasad, Baba

Nimble: how intelligences can create agile companies and wise leaders - Gurgaon Random House India 2015 - xx, 275 p.

The world today can be best described by one word: turbulence. As change rages all around, how can you—as an individual or as an organization—take advantage of unexpected opportunities and succeed in difficult circumstances? In a book that challenges traditional notions of strategy, Baba Prasad draws on his research at some of the world’s best business schools to show how intelligence can help you and your business navigate this maelstrom. The Intelligences Framework presented in Nimble goes beyond the common management concept of ‘agility’—it presents an immensely practical and hands-on approach for companies and individuals to develop five kinds of intelligences and apply them in different settings for maximum benefit. Bridging strategy, leadership and innovation—and with vivid illustrations—Nimble provides a path-breaking assessment methodology and a systematic four-step approach that every company and individual can use to lead amid turbulence.


Strategic planning

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