Innovation in India: combining economic growth with inclusive development - Delhi Cambridge University Press 2014 - xii, 404 p.

Table of contents:

1. Innovation in India: the challenge of combining economic growth with inclusive development
2. The university as a catalyst of innovation, entrepreneurship, and new markets in the Indian system of innovation
3. Demand and innovation: paths to inclusive development
4. Innovations in Indian seed/ biotech industry
5. National innovation systems and the Indian software industry development
6. The secret behind India's success in pharmaceuticals: seizing the right windows of opportunity
7. Nanoscience and nanotechnology: the new sunrise industry?
8. Energy innovation (sub)systems in India
9. Evolution of traditional medical systems sector in India: what has innovation got to do with it?
10. Where is the toilet please? The sanitation sectoral innovation systems in rural India.
11. Pro-poor innovation-making, knowledge production and technology implementation for rural areas: lessons from the Indian experience
12. Concluding remarks

It has been a little more than sixty years since the foundations of India's national system of innovation were laid, and it is time to look back and examine what form it has taken. What are the achievements of the Indian system of innovation? How has it performed in terms of building industrial capabilities and promoting development? Using the 'National System of Innovation' and the 'Sectoral System of Innovation' approach, this book organizes historical evidence on the accumulation of scientific, technical, innovation and industrial capabilities in different industrial sectors. It is also useful to keep in mind that according to the sectoral tales of this book, irrespective of the policy, there will always be some individuals and organisations who will experiment to find creative ways of pursuing opportunities.

-Explores innovation generation in India at the sectoral level
-Evaluates the performance of innovation in India
-Discusses the impact of innovations on inclusive development



Technological innovations - Economic aspects - India
Economic development - India
Economic development - India

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