Cox, D. R.

Principles of applied statistics - New York Cambridge University Press 2011 - x, 202 p.

Table of contents:

1. Some general concepts
2. Design of studies
3. Special types of study
4. Principles of measurement
5. Preliminary analysis
6. Model formulation
7. Model choice
8. Techniques of formal inference
9. Interpretation
10. Epilogue

Applied statistics is more than data analysis, but it is easy to lose sight of the big picture. David Cox and Christl Donnelly distil decades of scientific experience into usable principles for the successful application of statistics, showing how good statistical strategy shapes every stage of an investigation. As you advance from research or policy question, to study design, through modelling and interpretation, and finally to meaningful conclusions, this book will be a valuable guide. Over a hundred illustrations from a wide variety of real applications make the conceptual points concrete, illuminating your path and deepening your understanding. This book is essential reading for anyone who makes extensive use of statistical methods in their work.
• One author is pre-eminent statistician, D. R. Cox, and both authors have extensive experience in applying statistics
• Links statistical methods and theory to effective application, and discusses the real-world challenges that are rarely addressed in the literature
• Assumes only a very limited knowledge of the detailed techniques



Mathematical statistics

519.5 / C6P7

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