Rao, T. V.

The power of 360 degree feedback: the India way for leadership effectiveness - 2nd ed. - New Delhi Sage Publications India Pvt. Ltd. 2014 - xxviii, 256 p.


List of tables and boxes
Preface to the second edition
Preface to the first edition
I: Developing managers into leaders
How to be an effective person?
What makes managers effective?
What makes a good leader?
Managerial and leadership roles
Managerial and leadership styles
II: Designing and implementing a 360 degree feedback programme
360 degree feedback: the power tool
Competence building through 360 degree feedback
Coaching in 360 degree feedback
Myths and realities of 360 degree feedback
Conditions for successful 360 degree feedback
III: Lessons from experience and research
360 degree feedback: Indian experience
Life after 360 degree feedback: lessons for future
Getting ROI on 360 degree feedback
Lessons from 100 impact-making managers
Experiences from other countries
IV: 360 Degree feedback tools for other sectors
360 degree feedback tools for school principals
360 degree feedback tools for teachers, students and parents
360 degree feedback tools for non-governmental organizations
Appendix: organizations using 360 degree feedback
References and select bibliography

360 Degree Feedback, or multi-rater feedback, is an established HR methodology used in organizations across the world. This book presents in-depth details about the process of developing managers into leaders and outlines methodologies for designing and using a 360 Degree Programme for managers at all levels. This second edition draws extensively from the authors’ own experiences in the last decade since the first edition was published.
The book also includes research done using over 8,000 top-level managers whose leadership roles and qualities were profiled using the authors’ Roles, Styles, Delegation and Qualities (RSDQ) model. Lessons from their stories and practices of some of the HR award–winning organizations are presented in this edition. The book also presents a section on the various tools of 360 Degree Feedback for a variety of groups. It is hoped that this edition will give an update of the 360 Degree Feedback the Indian way.



Personnel management
Organizational behavior

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