Sarin, Sharad

Business marketing: concepts and cases - New Delhi McGraw Hill Education (India) Private Ltd 2013 - 654 p.

Business Marketing provides conceptual and contextual inputs for taking quality decisions for business marketing strategies. Comprehensively written, it provides knowledge of the vast diversity of products and markets of business marketing. The examples and cases provided in this book mirror the ground realties of Indian industries which helps the reader to deal with everyday managerial situations. The seamless treatment of concepts makes this book ideal for students from India , other developing countries as well as for anyone who wants a global outlook with an Indian perspective.
1. The Nature and Scope of Business Marketing Management 2. Understanding the Organisational Customer and Buying Behaviour 3. Organisational Markets of India: Perspectives and Challenges 4. Creating Sustainable Growth Opportunities: Perspectives of Strategic Management 5. Measurement of Market Demand and Potential for Business Markets 6. Segmentation Strategies for Business Markets 7. Product Strategy for Business Markets 8. Management of New Products and Innovations for Business Markets 9. Strategic Brand Management for Business Markets 10. Price and Pricing Decisions for Business Markets 11. Channel Management for Business Markets 12. Managing Marketing Communications for Business Markets 13. Management of Personal Selling and Sales Management for Business Markets 14. Customer Care for Business Markets: Creating Satisfaction and Delivering Delight 15. Implementation of Marketing Strategy and Managing Issues of Sustainability 16. Management of Services for Business Markets 17. Marketing of Projects for Business Markets 18. Globalisation of Business Cases Case 1 Aditya Tubes Limited (ATL) Case 2 Amma – The Vegetable Vendor of Chennai (Madras) Case 3 Alaknanda Business Corporation Limited (ABCL) Case 4 Alpha Chemicals Case 5 Buying Behaviour of Government Customers Case 6 Cable Joints and Accessories (CJA) (India) Limited Case 7 Clean Conveyors Limited (CCL) Case 8 Driver Vikram Singh from Aravali Motors, Bengaluru Case 9 Ethics in Business Marketing Case 10 Ganga Oil Engines Limited (GOEL) Case 11 Ganpati Alloy Steel Company (GASCO) Case 12 Harsh Vardhan Industries Ltd. (HV Industries) Case 13 Indus Business Corporation Ltd. (IBCL): The Product Line Decisions Case 14 Incredible Infosys: Can this not be the story of all B2B Marketers !! Case 15 Invisible Hand of Business Marketing Case 16 Janardan Oil Engines Limited (Joel) Case 17 Kushan Aqua Limited (KAL) Case 18 Larsen & Toubro’s Electrical Standard Product Group (ESP) Case 19 Megha Industries Limited Case 20 Narmada Corporation Case 21 National Steel Limited Case 22 The Ready Mix Concrete Business in India: Mirage orUnexplored Mine of Gold? Case 23 Shivalik Industries Limited (SIL) Case 24 SOLEX: From a Clean Slate Case 25 Solid Plastics India Limited (SPIL) Case 26 Vandana Steel Sheets Limited (VSSL) Case 27 Vichar Industries Limited Case 28 Vikramaditya – The Value Learner Case 29 Vishwakarma Refractories Limited (VRL) Case 30 The Worldwide Carpets Inc.


Marketing - Management - Case studies
Marketing - Management
Product management
Industrial marketing - Management

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