Fisman, Ray

The Org: the underlying logic of the office - Princeton Princeton University Press 2015 - xi, 309 p.

We create organizations because we need to get a job done—something we couldn’t do alone—and join them because we’re inspired by their missions (and our paycheck). But once we’re inside, these organizations rarely feel inspirational. So where did it all go wrong?
In The Org, Ray Fisman and Tim Sullivan explain the tradeoffs that every organization faces, arguing that this everyday dysfunction is actually inherent to the very nature of orgs. The Org diagnoses the root causes of that malfunction, beginning with the economic logic of why organizations exist in the first place, then working its way up through the org’s structure from the lowly cubicle to the CEO’s office.(


Corporate culture
Organizational behavior
Quality of work life

302.35 / F4O7

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