How matter matters: objects, artifacts, and materiality in organization studies - Oxford Oxford University Press 2013 - xix, 294 p. - Perspectives on Process Organization Studies - Vol.3 .

The contributions collected in this volume emerged from the Third International Symposium on Process Organization Studies held in Corfu in June 2011, bringing together a diverse group of scholars energized by process ideas. This volume is composed of papers which all share a focus on materiality, process and organizing. Ironically, although human lives towards the second half of the last century have become increasingly mediated by objects and artifacts and have depended heavily on the functioning of technical systems, materiality in a broad sense became relatively marginalized as a topic of research interest. This volume contributes to redressing the balance by drawing together the work of scholars involved in exploring the sociomaterial dimensions of organizational life. The authors represented in the book offer a new conceptual repertoire and vocabulary that allows us to think and talk more deeply about the social and material as being inherently entangled. Like the preceding volumes in the Perspectives on Process Organization Studies series, this collection displays the richness that characterizes process thinking, and combines philosophical reflections, with novel conceptual perspectives and insightful empirical analyses.

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Organizational behavior
Symbolism in organizations

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