Phillips, Simon

The complete guide to professional networking: the secrets of online and offline success - Koganpage London 2014 - xviii, 168 p.

Networking is a skill that many people recognize as critically important, but which many find difficult, boring or fear-inducing - or even all three. Yet, if you master the techniques that really work, networking can pay dividends for you, your business and your career. Effective networking means building the relationships that will connect you with a team of like-minded people, willing to help each other achieve their goals. If you establish, grow and nurture your business networks, you will become known for your expertise and will be better placed to win the new client, business or job when it really matters. You can network successfully in person or online and The Complete Guide to Professional Networking shows you how to use both together for the most powerful results. (


Business networks
Online social networks
Interpersonal relations

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