Rosen, Kenneth H.

Discrete mathematics and its applications with combinatorics and graph theory - 7th ed. - New Delhi Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited 2013 - Various pages

The book lays emphasis on mathematical reasoning, combinatorial analysis, algorithmic thinking, and applications and modeling. One of the most accepted books in use, it gives a presentation of the subject in great depth. The text is strengthened with illustrations of variety of real-world applications from different arenas and a host of pedagogical tools which makes it easy to comprehend.
▪ Pseudocodes used to illustrate the algorithm implementation.
▪ Utility of subject-related concepts demonstrated through various real-world applications.
▪ Precise mathematical language used without excessive formalism and abstraction.
▪ Minimal dependence between chapters for flexible use by instructors and students.
▪ Enhanced pedagogical features:.
▪ Over 800 Solved Examples.
▪ Over 3100 Section-end Exercise Problems (Graded).
▪ Over 230 Review Questions.
▪ Around 500 Supplementary Exercises (Graded).
▪ 164 Computer Projects.
▪ 101 Computations and Explorations.
▪ 146 Writing Projects.


Computer science - Mathematics

511.1 / R6D4-2013

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