Public policy and policy analysis in India - New Delhi Sage Publications 1985 - 328 p. Includes references

Table of contents

Part One: Approaches To Policy Analysis
Policy Analysis as a Science of Choice - T C Shelling
On Methodologies for Policy Analysis - R S Ganapathy
Part Two: Policy Making In Sectors
Rural Development - M L Dantwala and J N Barmeda
Energy Policy Formulation
The Indian Experience - T L Shankar
Policy Studies in Health and Population
A Review - G Giridhar, J K Satia, and A Subramanian
Part Three: Case Studies On Policy-Making And Implementation
Specialists, Bureaucrats and Politicians in Social Development - T V Rao
The National Adult Education Programme
Policy Formulation as Political Process
A Case Study of Health Manpower - R M Maru
The Making of Science and Technology Plan - A Ahmad
Research in Women's Development - V Mazumdar
A Case Study of the ICSSR Programme of Women's Studies
Part Four: The Policy Field In India In Perspective
Towards a Policy for Analysis - S Guhan
Autonomous Research Institutions and the Public Policy Process - S R Ganesh and S Paul
Some Recent Committees and Commissions
A Review - R M Rao
Part Five: The International Experience
The Present State of Public Policy Analysis in Britain - B Donoughue
The Emergence of Public Policy - R Klitgaard
Studies and Prospects for Comparative Work

This is the first book on public policy and policy analysis in the Third World. It shows the need to develop an interdisciplinary approach to policy-making, one that combines policy and management analysis with political and ethical appraisal. The book examines the 'rational choice' approach to policy analysis, then looks at case studies, and finally reviews the international experience in public policy-making.


Government polices
Politics and government
Public policy analysis - India

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