HRM and performance: achievements and challenges - Chichester John Wiley & Sons 2012 - xvi, 250 p.: ill. Includes references and index


Preface vii
Editor biographies ix
Author biographies xii
Chapter 1 HRM and Performance: What Do We Know and Where Should We Go? 1
Jaap Paauwe, Patrick Wright and David Guest
Chapter 2 HRM, Well-Being and Performance: A Theoretical and Empirical Review 15
Riccardo Peccei, Karina van de Voorde and Marc van Veldhoven
Chapter 3 Building Highly-performing Work Systems: Analysing HR Systems and Their Contribution to Performance 47
Peter Boxall
Chapter 4 Reconceptualizing Fit in Strategic Human Resource Management: ‘Lost in Translation?’ 61
Jaap Paauwe, Corine Boon, Paul Boselie and Deanne den Hartog
Chapter 5 HRM and Performance: The Role of Effective Implementation 79
David Guest and Anna Bos-Nehles
Chapter 6 Strategic HRM and Organizational Behaviour: Integrating Multiple Levels of Analysis 97
Patrick Wright and Lisa Nishii
Chapter 7 Measuring Human Capital: A Strategic Human Resource Management Perspective 111
Gary C. McMahan and Christopher M. Harris
Chapter 8 Measurement of Human Resource Practices: Issues Regarding Scale, Scope, Source and Substantive Content 129
Angela Langevin-Heavey, Susanne Beijer, Jessica Federman, Michel Hermans, Felice Klein, Elizabeth McClean and Brian Martinson
Chapter 9 Research on Human Resources and Effectiveness: Some Methodological Challenges 149
Barry Gerhart
Chapter 10 Progress and Prospects for HRM–Performance Research in Small and Medium-sized Business 173
Sophie de Winne and Luc Sels
Chapter 11 Progress and Prospects 197
David Guest, Patrick Wright and Jaap Paauwe
References 207
Index 239

The link between HRM and performance has become an important policy issue at both a national and a corporate level.
HRM and Performance draws on the knowledge and expertise of a number of leading international scholars in the field of HRM to provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of HRM and identify fruitful directions for theory, research and practice. A central question throughout is - what's next for HRM and what are the keys to the future of managing people and performance?


Personnel management
Performance management

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