Harini, N.

Cryptography and security Shyamala, C. K. - New Delhi Wiley India Private Limited 2011 - ix, 529 p.

In this book, basic concepts of cryptography and security are introduced. Cryptography and security are dealt with in sufficient depth and detail without losing focus. Symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography Elliptic curve cryptography, hashing functions, message authentication, and digital signature are discussed and salient features in each explained. Subsequently the cryptographic concepts are used to address security issues at application, transport, and network layers. Security threats at various levels and counter measures are explained. Relevant standards and applications are given sufficient attention. The book is organized into three parts. Part A is devoted to cryptography. Necessary mathematical background is provided; currently used cryptosystems as well as authentication and signature schemes are dealt with in adequate depth and detail. Network security is dealt with in Part B. Authentication schemes, internet security protocols, and related services in current use are explained in all their aspects. System security is the scope of Part C. Intrusion, viruses, worms etc., are dealt with in terms of their structures, threats, and protection from them inclusive of firewalls. Adequate justice is done to digital immune systems and trusted systems. Necessary supplementary material is provided as appendices.


Computer security

005.82 / H2C7

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