The nature of work: advances in psychological theory, methods, and practice - Washington, DC American Psychological Association 2014 - xiv, 348 p.

The field of work psychology investigates the origins of human work behavior — and its ramifications for the individual worker, the employing organization, and those with whom the individual interacts — both on and off the job. This volume presents new concepts in the field, framing issues and topics in creative ways that encourage the reader to rethink how we study and think about people at work.

Part 1 focuses on understanding the meanings we attach to work, a topic that has been neglected by researchers. The chapters in this part reconceptualize the normal entry points for studying work and working and identify new areas to explore.
Part 2 highlights advances in theory that help us better understand and integrate important workplace concepts; two chapters explore less traditional topics — the psychology of greed, and identity issues that are relevant to retirement.
Part 3 highlights some key advances in measurement that permit researchers to examine more sophisticated and complex relationships.
Part 4 provides insight into bridging the gap between practice and research and making research on the psychology of work relevant and applicable.

This volume will be of interest to organizational psychologists, organizational behavior researchers, and those interested in human resource management, organizational development, and labor relations. The contributors honor the work of Daniel Ilgen and Neal Schmitt, pioneers in the field, whose influence and lifetime contributions have shaped the field of work psychology as it is known today.


Psychology, Industrial
Work - Psychology aspects
Organizational behavior

158.7 / N2

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