Nandyal, Raghav S.

CMMI framework of constellations for building world-class IT organizations - 2nd Ed. - New Delhi Tata McGraw - Hill Education Private limited 2011 - xxxv, 329 p.

"It is a thoughtful compilation of CMMI practice interpretations and software engineering principles, approaches, and proven techniques that help the reader internalize all three CMMI constellations."--
--Dr. Michael Konrad, Senior Member of Technical Staff and CMMI Chief Architect, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

"In his new book, Raghav Nandyal is tackling big issues rather than only providing an interpretation of the CMMI, although he provides one of the best and easiest to understand interpretations I have seen. .... You will benefit by listening to him and heeding his advice." --Mr. Ronald Radice, Principal Partner, Software Technology Transition

How does one know if a software process is improving' How does one verify and validate such improvements statistically'

How does a process area demonstrate a high maturity measurement and analysis capability'

Does software measurement by itself have any value'

What is a statistical model' How does one establish good process prediction models and process capability baselines'

This book has practical answers to such big questions that till date have not been answered satisfactorily. Replete with numerous examples and implementation references from the SITARA Process JewelBox, it takes the reader on a tour of the 35 process areas of the CMMI constellations in its triumvirate avatar of development, acquisition, and services. It carefully examines their terminology, ideas, and practices, and considers various proven management and technical approaches, methods, and techniques that help implement them. Imagine holding a single volume that offers a comprehensive coverage of all three constellations in both the stable versions-1.2 and 1.3-in detail and from a wizened interpretational perspective. If you are curious about the other CMMI constellations, this book can help you decide whether to pursue them. If you do decide to pursue them, it can help you with implementing your improvements in an integrated way!


Capability maturity model (Computer software)
Software engineering - Management

005.12 / N2C6

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