Egan, Kieran

The educated mind: how cognitive tools shape our understanding Egan, Kieran - Chicago University of Chicago Press 1997 - x, 299 p.

The Educated Mind offers a bold and revitalizing new vision for today's uncertain educational system. Kieran Egan reconceives education, taking into account how we learn. He proposes the use of particular "intellectual tools"—such as language or literacy—that shape how we make sense of the world. These mediating tools generate successive kinds of understanding: somatic, mythic, romantic, philosophical, and ironic. Egan's account concludes with practical proposals for how teaching and curriculum can be changed to reflect the way children learn.


Education - Philosophy
Cognition and culture
Civilization, Western - History
Educational anthropology
Educational sociology
Learning, Psychology of Teaching

370.1 / E4E2

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