Gandhi: a film (Movie)

Attenborough, Richard

Gandhi: a film (Movie) - Mumbai National Film Development Corporation Ltd. 1982 - DVD - 181.00 Minutes

Collector's edition

The Father of the Nation has inspired many an actor to take up the mantle of portraying him as close to historically depicted as possible. Ben Kingsley takes on the daunting role of a person who symbolizes freedom in a country where he is a revered icon. Directed by Richard Attenborough who also produced the Collector’s Edition Movie, the film, has Pandit Ravi Shankar as it Music Director. Gandhi – Collector’s Edition is truly a masterpiece to have in your private collection of award winning movies. The Historical Drama has been shot in a documentary like fashion, drawing your attention to true historical happenings that have been recreated in the movie. Gandhi – Collector’s Edition is a true gem in the collection of historical movies that exist today with digitally restored Audio and Video.

Mahatma Gandhi
Drama, History


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