Tomporowski, Phillip D.

The psychology of skill: a life-span approach Tomporowski, Phillip D. - Westport, CT Praeger Publishers 2003 - x, 305 p.

Includes bibliographical references (p. [283]-301) and index.

People are captivated by observations of skilled human behavior in arenas such as sports, arts, and dance. Methods to advance the skills of novices have been created since the earliest days of humankind. Recent scientific progress in understanding learning processes have led Tomporowski to conclude that skilled behavior reflects a dynamic interaction among physiological structures of the body, cognitive processes of the mind, and the motivational processes of the human spirit. This multidisciplinary approach describes how skills are learned and performed, as well as why skills are critical to the survival of individuals and the cultures in which they live.


Learning, Psychology of
Ability, Influence of age on

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