Kivisto, Peter

Illuminating social life: classical and contemporary theory revisited - 6th ed. - Los Angeles Sage Publications 2013 - xiii, 418 p.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

The sixth edition of Peter Kivisto′s popular anthology, Illuminating Social Life, continues to demonstrate to students how social theories can help them make sense of the swirling events and perplexing phenomena that they encounter in their daily lives. A perfect complement for sociological theory courses, this updated edition includes 13 original essays by leading scholars in the field that help students better understand and appreciate the relevance of social theory. Once again, Peter Kivisto′s collection illuminates the connection between sociological theory and the realities that students are faced with every day -from the Internet, alcohol use, and body building to shopping malls, the working world, and fast-food restaurants


Social science
Sociology - Philosophy
Sociology - History
Social history - 1970

301 / K4I5

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