Aimar, Thierry

The economics of ignorance and coordination: subjectivism and the Austrian School of Economics - Cheltenham, UK Edward Elgar 2009 - xv, 302 p. - New thinking in political economy .

Includes bibliographical references (p. 257-290) and indexes.

This book clarifies the specific nature of the Austrian theory and restores the unity and open-mindedness of the Austrian school in general. The intention is not to offer a collection of different or parallel ideas, but rather to retrace, from a pedagogical and constructive perspective, the various stages of the construction of a well-founded theoretical edifice: from Ludwig von Mises to Murray Rothbard, from Friedrich Hayek to Israel M. Kirzner and from Lachmann to Lavoie. The book is a reconstitution of the way Austrian ideas and concepts organize themselves in a common structure.


Austrian school of economics

330.157 / A4E2

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