NSE historical data on capital market segment: May; July & August 2008 (CD) - Mumbai 0 2008

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The historical data CDs for CM segment of the NSE contains high frequency intra-day data. It contains the following information; (a) Day wise bhavcopy for each trading day of the month [in yyyymmdd.gz format], (b) Circulars issued by NSE or NSCCL during the month, (c) Index information about main stock market indices viz. Nifty, Junior Nifty and Defty both end-of-day and intra-day Data, (d) Masters containing the database masters, listing out symbols, series, ISINs etc., (e) Snapshots of the limit order book at four time points in the day for a month [in yyyymmdd format] and (f) Trades Data containing details about every trade that took place.


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