Web 2.0 fundamentals with Ajax, development tools, and mobile platforms - Boston Jones and Bartlett Publishers 2011

With Book at Acc. No. 171523

Designed for a broad spectrum of people with technically diverse backgrounds, this book covers the most recent developments in Web 2.0 programming topics and applications, including up-to-date material on cloud computing, Google AppEngine, Social Networks, Comet, HTML5, semantic technology, and a chapter on the future of the Web. Web 2.0 Fundamentals: With AJAX, Development Tools, and Mobile Platforms prepares readers for more advanced technical topics in Web 2.0. The accompanying CD-ROM and companion website provide code samples from the book and appendices with an extensive set of links (over 1,000) for supplemental material and links for the Twitter and Facebook pages.

Internet programming
Web 2.0


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