Manikutty, S.

Being ethical: ethics as the foundation of business - Noida Random House India 2011 - xviii, 237 p.: ill. Includes references - IIM Ahmedabad business books .

Businesses have to act in self-interest but to what extent should they sacrifice ethical behavior? The question has become increasingly relevant with the recent high profile corporate scandals such as Satyam and the 2G scam. But can, and should, a business behave ethically at all? Is the corporate social responsibility of a company just to make profits as Nobel Prize-winning economist, Milton Friedman, once famously declared? In this timely book, Professor Manikutty takes us through the minefield of business and ethics looking at the ways in which ethics enter work and the choices available to companies and to individuals. He argues that being ethical is not a simple question of doing the right thing vs the wrong thing; it is to find a balance between multiple right or wrong choices, arriving at not a solution but a compromise. Using a variety of examples and case studies from Indian businesses, Being Ethical is an indispensable book for any responsible manager.


Business ethics
Leadership - Maral aspects and ethical aspects
Success in business - Moral and ethical

FP 174.4 / M2B3

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