Othmer, James P.

Ad land: searching for the meaning of life on a branded planet Othmer, James P. - New York Anchor Books 2009 - x, 320 p.

James P. Othmer, advertising executive turned novelist, gives us a hilarious, personal, and sneakily profound chronicle of the past, present, and future of the advertising business. On one level itवs the wickedly funny, compelling personal chronicle of the rise and fall of a modern-day ad man; a riveting insiderवs look at the astonishing transformation taking place in advertising's hottest idea factories. But take a step back from the tales of lavish shoots, agencies on the brink, and pampered mega-brands and Adland becomes much more: a snapshot of how we are living our lives thirty seconds at a time. Funny, deeply thoughtful, and utterly unique, this book is both a wildly amusing ride in Adland, brilliantly recounted, and an exploration of the value of life in the information age. (http://www.randomhouse.com)


Internet advertising
Advertising agencies

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