Legends in marketing. Jagdish N. Sheth

Sheth, Jagdish N.

Legends in marketing. Jagdish N. Sheth - New Delhi Sage Publications 2010 - xxxiv, 231 p. Vol.4: International marketing

The objective of this series is to capture the essence of the contributions of some of the legends over the course of the hundred years of marketing as a discipline. Besides republishing some of the seminal work of the legends, an innovative feature of the series is the interview section. Various researchers in the field pose questions that many of us may have wanted to ask of these legends. The first legend we pay tribute to is Professor Jagdish Sheth. He has contributed to the marketing discipline in a number of ways with the book that he co-authored, "The Theory of Buyer Behavior", still considered a classic, forty years after its publication.

9788132103004(HB) (set of 8 volumes)

Consumer behavior
Marketing - Management
Export marketing
Marketing strategy


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