Darroch, Jenny

Marketing through turbulent times - Basingstoke Palgrave Macmillan 2010 - xvi, 176 p.: ill. Includes references and index

Table of contents

The Consumers' Perspective
The Consumer Response: Combining Hopefulness with Hopelessness
Social Media: Giving a Voice Back to the People
Hope is Not Enough: Some Guiding Principles for Marketing through Turbulent Times
Marketing through Turbulent Times: Growth through Excellent Execution
Pushing Product-Market Boundaries: What is a Market?
Pushing Product-Market Boundaries by Pursuing Growth Opportunities and Creating New Markets
Generating Growth: The Risks
Generating Growth: The Benefits of Being First
Where do Ideas Come from and how to Manage Ideas from Within the Organization

At some time in the future, the recession will end. But what will happen then? How will customers respond to organizations that mistreated them in the past? What can organizations do now? Marketing Through Turbulent Times addresses these questions by tying together four themes: democracy, economic recession, individual depression, and customer-centered strategies. Written for decision-makers who want to ensure that their marketing strategies are not only relevant for todayवs difficult environment but will also provide a solid foundation for future growth, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone making strategic marketing decisions. Marketing through Turbulent Times is a common sense, accessible book about marketing that provides a range of tools, principles, and approaches for managers wanting to fine-tune their current marketing strategies today and identify innovative growth opportunities that will allow them to lead their organization toward a robust future.



Business logistics
Business enterprise - Finance
Consumers - Attitudes
Customer relationship management

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