Madhavan, K. S.

Business and ethics: an oxymoron ? Madhavan, K. S. - Hyderabad Shingo Institute of Japanese Management 2008 - 286 p.

Business ethics and corporate governance are the buzzwords in today’s corporate circles. It seems as though everyone is talking about them right from economic stalwarts to B-school professionals. In fact, there are courses being taught on this everywhere.

But, with the corruption scams and scandals ranging across the board – be it sub-prime crisis, the 2G spectrum fiasco or even the Commonwealth Games scandal; does anybody really follow the ethical way of transacting business? Everyone talks about transparency, accountability, managing risks etc. etc. But, are these just some baseless words taught in B-schools?

Business ethics is regarded by many as an oxymoron. “How can one be a businessman and be ethical too at the same time? - has been the biggest question on everyone’s mind since a long time now. But then, businesses have to care about ethics all the time.As we move forward, it’s been realized that the goal of the management in an organization is to create value and build trust. And this is why today business ethics isn’t an oxymoron anymore.


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