Paul, Samuel

A life and its lessons: memoirs - Bangalore Public Affairs Centre 2012 - 299 p. Includes references and index

In this book, Samuel Paul, well known scholar, institution builder and social activist, tells his life story and distills the lessons of experience learnt from a wide range of institutions, both national and international, with which he was associated. In a long and distinguished career, he has been the Director of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, adviser to the United Nations, ILO and the World Bank, founder and first chairperson of Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore, author of citizen report cards and other pioneering tools of social accountability, and Vice-Chairperson of the Council of Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMC) Vellore. His reflections on the success and sustainability of institutions offer important insights of relevance to practitioners, scholars and students alike. The story is told in a lucid style, with candour, wit and sensitivity to the great social challenges of our time.


Success story - Entrepreneur
Quality of life

FP 923.3804 / P2L4

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