Census atlas of India - 2001

Census atlas of India - 2001 - New Delhi Ministry of Home Affairs 2008 - vii, 197 p.

Includes statistical tables.

The National Volume portrays various socio-culture and demographic features that have emerged from the 2001 Census data. These themes are presented under 11 sections, viz., General, Population Distribution and Growth, Marital Status and Fertility, Sex and Age Structure of Population, Literacy, Religion, Disability, Urbanization, Migration, Economic Activities of Population and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Data have been presented by choropleth and other cartographic techniques. Different colour schemes have been used to make the maps attractive and highlight the various demographic aspects in spatio temporal terms.

India - Population - Maps
India - Population - Statistics
India - Census, 2001

R 912.54 / I6C3/2001

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