McKeen, James D.

Management challenges in IS: successful strategies and appropriate action McKeen, James D. - Chichester John Wiley and Sons 1996 - xvi, 358 p., - Wiley series in information systems .

Includes bibliographical references (p. [345]-350) and index.

The person who runs the company sees IS as being the provider of solutions. Dont tell me about function point productivity. What we want is faster turnaround time for systems and were not getting it! The person who runs the IS division recognizes that it has a strategic role. The management is locked into a 1980s time warp - how do I persuade them that IS has more to offer than in the past? The aim of the book is to step into the middle ground. It emphasizes the important role an IS manager plays in the development of the company strategy. It will show how the everyday problems need to be seen in a fresh perspective - that of balancing the competing pressures of business and technology. Get too far from the technology and too close to the business, and technology will pull you back. Get focused on technology and lose sight of the business, and the business will make sure you know about it. The goal of this book is to provide IS managers with balanced information to guide them. Why does it matter? Because, in many ways, the future of our organizations is in the hands of todays IS managers. Management Challenges in IS will help them make wise and thoughtful choices. (LOC Publishers description)


Information resources management
Management information systems
Information technology --Management


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