Shih, Clara

The facebook era: tapping online social networks to build better products, reach new audiences, and sell more stuff Shih, Clara - Boston PrenticeHall 2009 - xiv, 236 p.

The 90s were about the World Wide Web of information and the power of linking web pages. Today its about the World Wide Web of people and the power of the social graph. Online social networks are fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and interact. They offer businesses immense opportunities to transform customer relationships for profit: opportunities that touch virtually every business function, from sales and marketing to recruiting, collaboration to executive decision-making, product development to innovation. In The Facebook Era, Clara Shih systematically outlines the business promise of social networking and shows how to transform that promise into reality. Shih is singularly qualified to write this book: One of the worlds top business social networking thought leaders and practitioners; she created the first business application on Facebook and leads salesforce.coms partnership with Facebook. Through case studies, examples, and a practical how-to guide, Shih helps individuals, companies, and organizations understand and take advantage of social networks to transform customer relationships for sales and marketing. Shih systematically identifies your best opportunities to use social networks to source new business opportunities, target marketing messages, find the best employees, and engage customers as true partners throughout the innovation cycle. Finally, she presents a detailed action plan for positioning your company to win in todays radically new era: The Facebook Era. (Source:

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