Baron, Robert A.

Behavior in organizations Baron, Robert A. - 9th ed. - New Delhi Dorling Kindersley (India) Pvt. Ltd., 2009 - xxii, 758 p

This book provides readers with basic information about human beings and their behavior within the context of a business environment. It includes such issues as how to motivate people, how to give them feedback on their performance, how to influence them, and how to help them cope with stress. By examining the factors that contribute to an ever-changing business world, it will teach readers to develop, train, and motivate high-performance employees in a world of constant change. The Field of Organizational Behavior. Perception and Learning. Individual Work Differences. Motivation in Organizations. Managing Your Own Behavior. Group Dynamics and Teamwork. Decision Making in Organizations. Social and Deviant Behaviors in Organizations. Leading and Coaching Others. Culture, Creativity, and Innovation. Organizational Structure and Design. Technology in Organizations. For managers, or anyone else, who are interested in organizational behavior


Organizational behavior
Personnel management


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